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Women’s Longboard Camp 2016
2016, the year of the WLC triple whammy – three events in one year, take your pick!

In March, we’ll be starting off the season in Portugal, with a luxurious homebase right by the sea on the Atlantic coast. We’ll mainly be skating on closed roads and in public skateparks.

Sign-up for the Supreme edition of WLC is now open, please click here to register.

In June we’ll once more be returning to Stuttgart. Our WLC Basic events have proven to be extremely popular – we’re going back to the roots by keeping it simple, skateshop vibes included. We’ll be exploring the parks and vineyards in and around Stuttgart. Please check back for information on sign-up for this event.

We’re stoked to be teaming up with Woodwings in August to bring you a true WLC Freeride camp, located in a dreamy hidden spot in the South of France. As always you’ll be able to hone your skills across all longboarding disciplines, however you will also have the opportunity to freeride two closed roads. We’re super excited about this collaboration, watch this space for further info!

Three events in three countries – we can’t wait to see you there!