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Women’s Longboard Camp Vol. 4, same same but different!

For years we’ve been racking our brains on how to integrate and encourage more women into the longboarding scene. To provide them with a supportive network and give them a boost of energy and confidence to help overcome initial inhibitions many women face when trying their hand at a heavily male-dominated sport – which is the case with many action or extreme sports.

The first Women’s Longboard Camp – a women’s only residential longboard skate camp, took place in Slovenia in 2012. The response was phenomenal. To meet demand, we doubled capacity in 2013 and ran 2 successive camps in France, defying extraordinarily bad weather conditions including snow. The following year we went from tranquil and peaceful surroundings right into the heart of the city, exploring vineyards and public parks in and around Stuttgart in the south-west of Germany. Longboarding is currently one of the fastest-growing action sports industries, and the 2014 event sold out within a mere 3 hours, attracting participants from all over the world, bringing together 3 generations of both novice and more experienced female skaters.

In 2015, we’ll be integrating 2 additional sports disciplines into the event and also place more emphasis on nutrition. We feel this will complement our existing concept and attract an even wider audience.

Over the past 3 years, we have taught women of more than 20 different nationalities, aged between 17 and 60+ how to longboard. We are tremendously proud to be the first organisation of our kind, passing on skills as well as an ethos of sports empowerment through a womens-only action sports event.

It doesn’t stop there – we equally cultivate a spirit of skill sharing and strengthening the community – our participants pass on their knowledge all around the world, and we believe that this is exactly how a sport must grow.

To date, all events have sold out and were heavily oversubscribed, some riders come back year after year – walking away with lots more than ‘just’ new skate skills and heaps of new friends from around the globe.


+++ Website update in progress. Please check our Facebook page for the latest info on WLC 2015 +++




A freeride will take place between the two ladies’ camps, giving you the opportunity to further practice what you
have learnt with us on a lovely downhill track. You can find further information about this event hosted by the
legendary Alsace Downhill crew here.