Thursday 01.06 Friday 02.06 Saturday 03.06 Sunday 04.06 Monday 05.06
  8.30-9.30h breakfast 8.30-9.30h breakfast 8.30-9.30h breakfast 8.30-9.30h breakfast
  9.30-11.30h First Aid Workshop      
  9.30-11.30h Setup Workshop 9.30-12.00h Workshops 9.30-12.00h Workshops 10.30h Shuttle #1 departs to stuttgart main station
  11.30-12.00h Come together!     13.30h Shuttle #2 departs to stuttgart main station

from 14.00h Anreise


14.00h Shuttle #1 departs Stuttgart main station

12.00-13.ooh lunch 12.00-13.00h lunch 12.00-13.00h lunch  



17.00h Shuttle #2 departs Stuttgart main station

13.00-18.00h Workshops 13.00-17.30h Workshops 13.00-17.30h Workshops  

18.00h dinner

  18.30-19.30h Mobility 18.00-19.00h Yoga 18.00-19.00h Yoga  
  19.30-20.30h dinner 19.00h BBQ 19.00h dinner  
21.00h bonfire & introduction from 20.30h the evening is yours at your leisure from 19.00h Cocktail Bar! from 20.30h the evening is yours at your leisure